Songvakeppni – semi 1 – watch live NOW!

25 Jan

The first semi of Icelandic NF is about to begin in less than 10 minutes. Watch here! Birgitta (2003), Yohanna (2009) and Magni are in, among others so watch, watch, WATCH!


MGP 2013 – Semi-final 2 line-up is revealed!

23 Jan

Quite some familliar faces in the second semi-final. Alexander Rybak has a song written for X-Factor contestant Annsofi Pettersen, Silya (2012 – “Euphoria”) and Bjørn Johan Muri (2010 – “Yes Man”) are also in as the songwriters. Then there’s Idol’s runner-up Margaret Berger, Hank von Helvete – quite some wellknown faces all in all. Here’s the line-up:

Det vakje mi tid

Artist: Martin Blomvik
Lyrics and music: Martin Blomvik, Bjørn Johan Muri and Mats Weinholdt

I’m With You

Artist: Annsofi
Lyrics and music: Alexander Rybak

On Hold

Artist: Shackles
Lyrics and music: Silya Nymoen, KeiOne and John Lundvik

No One

Artist: Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby
Lyrics: Josefin Winther
Music: Josefin Winther and Magnus Åserud Skylstad


Artist: Fjellfolk
Lyrics and music: Trym Bjønnes

Shine With Me

Artist: Haji
Lyrics and music: Haji and Morad Aziman

Feed You My love

Artist: Margaret Berger
Lyrics and music: Karin Park, Robin Lynch and Niklas Olovson

Georgina listens to…..MGP 2013 – semi 1

19 Jan

1st MGP semi is to kick off tonight at 19.55 and over the past couple of days I’ve been listening to the competing entries and here is my review. Note – this is my opinion and I hope it will be respected. Ready? Let’s go!

1. Vidar Busk – Paid My Way

Rockabilly opener. His voice reminds me on Joe Cocker a bit tbh. Nah. Trying to like this, but I can’t. Rockabilly has never been my cup of tea musically. I like the accordeon in it, makes it more interesting, but the chorus is quite monotonous and makes the song even more anoying for me. It does have a chance tonight though, as Norwegians tend to vote for such entries:

My grade: 2/5

Do I want it to qualify? No.

Do I think it will qualify? Perhaps.

2. Carina Dahl – Sleepwalking 

Carina “Guns & Boys” Dahl is back to MGP, this time with a typical American R&b pop ballad. It sounds like something one would hear on the commercial radio anywhere in Europe, like a song by a former alumni from Idol/X Factor. However, there is a major problem there – autotune. This song is HEAVILY autotuned, a bit in the same vein as those viral tween songs from Ark Music Factory. Yes, that heavily. That leads me to the question – is this going to be a major trainwreck vocally live? Unfortunately, I pretty much think so. Even the soft parts are autotuned and I think the live performance would put Carina away from qualifying.

My grade: 2.5/5

Do I want it to qualify? Not really.

Do I think it will qualify? Nope.

3. Tom Hugo – Det er du

The only Norwegian-languaged song in the semi. It’s in “sørlandsdialekt” actually. It reminds me on “Så vindunderlig” from last year. A MOR radio friendly thingy with a big sing-along possibility. Which, I think, will work in Tom’s advantage. It has a chance to qualify to Spektrum. All in all – quite pleasant little song, very charming and honest.

My grade: 3/5

Do I want it to qualify? Perhaps.

Do I think it will qualify? I say carefully yes.

4. Gromth & Emil Solli-Tangen – Alone 

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!!! What was THAT?! – was my first reaction to this one. It’s a symphonic opera metal song, quite majestic and epic to be honest. But also, to be honest, it’s NOT my cup of tea, genre-wise and I think the growler disturbs and quite ruins my impression of the song. Emil’s voice is as powerful as his older brother’s and I think the fact that he’s a Solli-Tangen may benefit their chances. The chances? No idea, really. People are saying it will qualify, me, meanwhile, I’m not entirely sure.

My grade: 3/5

Do I want it to qualify? Without growling yes, with growling – I’m not sure.

Do I think it will qualify? Maybe. The voters in Norway can be very unpredictable.

5. Julie Bergan – Give A Little Something Back

Same type of song as Carina Dahl’s. The highest charted song on iTunes chart since Wednesday and written by Ben “A1” Adams. And comparing to Carina, Julie’s autotune-free in studio version. I predict a major breakthrough for Julie tonight. I like this, it’s modern and sincere, also gives me goosebumps to be honest. Me gusta. A lot. And I can call Julie the sure finalist.

My grade: 4/5

Do I want it to qualify? Yes.

Do I think it will qualify? I say carefully yes.

6. Doc MC & Mimi Blix – Catch Me 

This is not bad. Dance-pop in typical Scandinavian way (despite the DJs being Italian). However, it’s clearly influenced by Euphoria – and copying former years’ winning concept has never been proven the formula for success. And – this song goes into the category of entries that are often underrated by Norwegian public – just to mention some examples: Sichelle in 2011, Lene Alexandra in 2010, Minnie-Oh, Rikke Norrmann, Irresistable and Lise Karlsnes last year. Therefore I highly doubt it’s chances for Spektrum.

My grade: 3/5

Do I want it to qualify? Nah.

Do I think it will qualify? Nope.

7. Datarock – The Underground

Ladies and gentlemen, this is my favourite. This is FABULOUS! A bit of Jamiroquai, a bit indie pop in the verses, a bit “Dirtee Disco” by Dizzee Rascal and the chorus reminds me on “The Best Things In Life Are Free” by Janet Jackson & Luther Vandross. I LOVE this, this is groovy, it reflects well on what’s popular in Norway and Datarock themselves are very popular among the audience and the critics. But – will they qualify? I want to say “YES!” straight away, but history proves us, that famous names have been heavily underrated already. But I hope it will qualify. So much. It would be fully deserved.

My grade: 5/5

Do I want it to qualify? YES!

Do I think it will qualify? I freaking hope so!

There you have my opinion. The semi will be webcasted HERE from 19.55 to 21.15 CET.

So – go Datarock!!!!

UPD – Datarock, Vidar and Gromth made it. YAY for Datarock, hmmm for Gromth and Vidar though! 😀

SPOILER WARNING! MGP 2013 – semi 1 – here are artists and songs!

16 Jan

The artists for the first semi in Steinkjer have been revealed and they are (courtesy of

1. Paid My Way

Artist: Vidar Busk
Lyrics: Tim Scott
Music: Tim Scott and Vidar Busk

2. Sleepwalking

Artist: Carina Dahl
Lyrics and music: Carina Dahl, Ben Adams and Søren Pagh

3. Det er du

Artist: Tom Hugo
Lyrics and music: Tom Hugo

4. Alone

Artist: Gromth and Emil Solli-Tangen
Lyrics: Emil Solli-Tangen and Sven Atle Kopperud (Silenoz)
Music: Gromth

5. Give A Little Something Back

Artist: Julie Bergan
Lyrics and music: Ben Adams, Sara Skjoldnes and Julie Bergan

6. Catch Me

Artist: Mimi Blix
Lyrics: Mimi Blix and Dr Shiver
Music: Dr Shiver, Luca Monticelli and Mauro Cottini

7. The Underground

Artist: Datarock
Lyrics: Fredrik Saroea
Music: Fredrik Saroea and Pål Myran-Håland

More to follow in the upcoming days. Stay tuned! 😀

DMGP 2013 – the finalists have been revealed

16 Jan

And here we have them – the finalists of DMGP 2013:

1. Frederikke Vedel – Jeg har hele tiden vidst det
Pernille Georgi, Thomas Reil and Jeppe Reil

2. Brinck – Human
Niels Brinck

3. Kate Hall – I’m Not Alone
Lars Halvor Jensen, Martin Larsson, Michelle Bell, Oscar Holter, Jakke Erixson and Simon Hermansen

4. Louise Dubiel – Rejs dig op
Casper Lindstad, Rune Braager and Louise Dubiel

5. Daze – We Own the Universe
Thomas G:son & Peter Boström

6. Simone Egeriis – Stay Awake
Lars Halvor Jensen og Carsten Lindberg

7. Jack Rowan feat. Sam Gray – Invincible
Achmad Darwich, Jack Rowan and Sam Gray

8. Emmelie de Forest – Only Teardrops
Lise Cabble, Julia Fabrin Jakobsen and Thomas Stengaard

9. Albin – Beautiful to Me
Brian Risberg Clausen (Bryan Rice) and Mads Haugaard

10. Mohamed – Unbreakable
Morten Friis, Michael Parsberg, Peter Bjørnskov and Lene Dissing

More to follow later today! Thank you, Marek for posting the songwriters too! 🙂

Freshly squeezed from the Nordic Euroland

15 Jan

What has happened since my last post:

– The songs for Icelandic NF you can hear HERE. A review to follow soon.

– The songs for the Finnish UMK you can hear on YLE’s official page. A review to follow soon

– Emil Solli-Tangen (yes, Didrik’s little brother) and Hank von Helvete are both in MGP, according to local media.

– Fredrik Kempe (the co-composer of Sweden 2008, 2009, Norway 2010 and Sweden 2011) liked official DMGP page on Facebook – hmmm, what is that supposed to mean?!

– Mohamed Ali (3rd placed chap on DK X-Factor) and Albin Ljugqvist (a Swede living in Cph) are both more or less confirmed for DMGP.

– Also, according to Her & Nu, Brinck (ESC 2009) and Simone (DMGP 2007-as an interval act, 2010) are in DMGP.

– Gaute Ormesen is according to VG confirmed for MGP and the whole revelation process is getting a sharp criticism from VG as they claim it minimizes the publicity and the buzz around MGP.

– Melodifestivalen is getting closer and we see a whole bunch of contestants instagramming their every move they make during the dance rehearsals – a documentary out of this, SVT, tack!

– Daze are rumoured to be in DMGP as well, performing a song by Team Euphoria, aka. Thomas G:son and Peter Boström.

– Thomas G:son is composing Georgia’s song for their duet – getting MAJOR “In A Moment Like This” vibes – could be just me though…:P

– according to Oikotimes a composer of one of MGP entries will “strike like a nuclear bomb in the Eurovision-world”. Hmmm – who could that be, then?

– Moreover, the whole “keeping it secret” thing with MGP has turned out to be an epic fail, as we’re getting both the artists and the snippets of the songs revealed. NRK – reveal everything before Xmas for 2014, k? Takk.

MGP 2013 – “I heard a rumour….” – or is it confirmed?

12 Jan


The title of Bananarama’s classic is the perfect title for what’s been going on with the artists for this year’s MGP. Well to be honest, these rumours seem to be made into confirmations, at least according to my Norwegian Eurovision friend Anders Tangen’s blog. Apparently the Italian rap-group Doc M. C. have confirmed participation in MGP via Twitter and they will release new single on Jan 16th and therefore they will be competing in the first semi-final. Their song is a collaboration with Mimi Blix (2011 – “Allergic”). Otherwise, Datarock have liked the MGP page on Facebook and them and Carina Dahl (2011 – “Guns & Boys”) have a single coming out on Jan 16th.

For second semi final, Anders has found out that Margaret Berger’s new single “I Feed You With Love” is 3 minutes and 3 seconds long and will be out on January 23rd.

Hmmm – I liked “Allergic”! And Margaret Berger needs a little boost in popularity as well. So I quite like those rumours!

Other than that, in mid-December, the Norwegian tabloid VG has named Sirkus Eliassen (a rap duo with hits such as “Før du går” and “Æ vil bare dans”) and Anine Stang as potential MGP artists as well.

Let’s see how the story develops shall we? But this is shaping up to be quite an interesting edition of MGP for sure! Shame no official CD will be released, as songs will be available in all digital outlets every Wednesday before each semi-final.