My UK 2014 pick for Eurovision – Samantha Jade

9 Sep


OK, so the UK has been an issue in Eurovision for years. Already back in the early/mid 90s the apathy in the UK media started and things went from bad to worse in the early 00s (with the exception of 2002) and reached the peak in 2003 when Jemini scored “nul points” in the contest in Riga. Afterwards it continued in the same vein – sending C or D-list celebrities or washed-up acts for novelty/cheap entertainment’s sake. In 2008 the UK scored a shared last place in Belgrade and THEN the Beeb sort-of woke up, selected Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber to compose the song, selected Jade Ewen, a talented, good-looking girl in an X-Factor-like show – and PING! The success was there – UK finished in top 5 for the first time in years and it almost seemed like the BBC would start taking things seriously – but alas no. They sent Josh Dubovie with what sounded like one of Jason Donovan rejects from “Ten Good Reasons” album (eventhough I, a SAW/PWL fan as I am quite liked it) a year later and finished last again. Then in 2011 things went up again, eventhough Blue wasted all their victory chances with off-key performance and dodgy choreography. Last year the Beeb decided to send a singer whose last big hit happened when my mum (!) was in second grade in Primary school and this year they sent a singer who may be a lovely lady in real life, but was way past her era and in both cases the results were underwhelming.

So I’ve been thinking about this a bit – how on Earth do you solve a problem like the UK in Eurovision? The Beeb is deliberately choosing to prioritise other shows and uses Eurovision only for ratings and for cheap entertainment and eventually the media has a field day when the UK flops again, refering to ESC as a joke with fixed/rigged results, something which is also a consequence of the influence of the former commentator Terry Wogan and his ideology, which has tainted the image of Eurovision in the UK big time. Yeah – how to solve a problem like the UK in Eurovision? And that’s when I realised – the Commonwealth is the way to go!

If the UK sent a singer from Australia, where there is a certain level of interest towards Eurovision present already this could have done SO much good in every sense. And here, ladies and gentlemen, I present you my pick for the UK for Eurovision 2014 – it’s SAMANTHA JADE!

So who is she again?

She’s an Aussie singer, who was born on April 18th, 1987 and who’s from Perth in Western Australia. Back in 2006 she had a minor hit with a song “Step It Up”, which was also released on the soundtrack for teen drama Step Up! and during that time she got a record deal with Jive and started recording her debut album with producers such as Max Martin, Stargate and Timbaland. Her follow up single “Turn Around” however, flopped and soon afterwards she was dropped by her label and the album was shelved. Later on, she went into acting and recorded some more singles, also with David Guetta, which either failed to chart or didn’t make the final tracklist. All this changed however in 2012 when she appeared in the Australia’s version of X-Factor. Although she was in bottom 2 in several live shows, she ended up winning the show and her winning single “What You’ve Done To Me” topped the Australian chart, a song also co-written by Swedish songwriters:

This year she released a follow-up single “Firestarter”, which peaked at #9 on the chart and sold Platinum (What You’ve Done To Me sold 3x Platinum, according to ARIA.

So why I picked her again?

I picked her because she

1) can sing,

2) can sing live,

3) is totally gorgeous (and I’m straight),

4) has stage presence and charisma to end up winning a show like she won their X-Factor,

5) she’s easily marketable also beyond Eurovision and Eurovision could provide her a chance for a big European launch

6) is Australian, which means she wouldn’t have those unneccessary prejudice towards Eurovision and the world of Eurovision

7) is Australian, which would make her a carte blanche in the UK media and not put her down prior to the contest

In Eurovision 2012, after “Euphoria”, which song ended up being second commercially most successful song of Baku contest? This one:

Now imagine Samantha with song like this one, only with good live vocals. Instant hit.

AND – the last time the UK sent someone from Australia, it ended up like this:

It was the last time that the UK entry went to #1 on the UK singles’ chart and “Ooh, Aah, Just A Little Bit” is one of the most commercially successful ESC-entries of all time. Time for a new Gina G, UK!

Now – Samantha needs to be endorsed and supported by Simon Cowell – why? Why the hell not? It’s his damn franchise show she won and he, a big media mogul as he is, could provide even more buzz around the entry.

So, dear UK, dear Beeb – time for a hot pop babe from Australia again, to get you both a good result and a good commercial success!  Send Samantha and you’ll be just fine.


Georgina de Mylius


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