New Tooji single to be released on Aug 15th.

22 Jul

OK, let’s clear this up once and for all – this blog ADORES Tooji and thinks he was criminally underrated in Eurovision last year. Moreover, I think some of his haters can act like a bunch of childish idiots, but maybe that’s just me. 😛

Anywayz, mr. Keshtkar is set to release a new tune on Aug 15th. So far, after his MGP 2012 win he’s been recording with:

– Peter Boström (who co-wrote “Stay”)

– Justin Tranter (a member of US glam rock band and Lady Gaga’s warm-up act Semi Precious Weapons)

– Axident (Norwegian producer, based in LA)

– some members of Gravitonas (Swedish synth/electro-pop band)

– Chris Wahle and Ana Diaz (he’s an EDM producer and she co-wrote tracks for Agnes, among others, both also wrote his single “If It Wasn’t For You”)

So far the rumoured titles of his tracks have been “Roof”, “Diamond Doors” and “Iconic”. Which one will make the single? Or will it be a brand new song we don’t know about?

Stay tuned – everything will be revealed in the mean time, I’m sure.

Can’t waaaaait! 😀


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