Freshly squeezed from the Nordic Euroland

15 Jan

What has happened since my last post:

– The songs for Icelandic NF you can hear HERE. A review to follow soon.

– The songs for the Finnish UMK you can hear on YLE’s official page. A review to follow soon

– Emil Solli-Tangen (yes, Didrik’s little brother) and Hank von Helvete are both in MGP, according to local media.

– Fredrik Kempe (the co-composer of Sweden 2008, 2009, Norway 2010 and Sweden 2011) liked official DMGP page on Facebook – hmmm, what is that supposed to mean?!

– Mohamed Ali (3rd placed chap on DK X-Factor) and Albin Ljugqvist (a Swede living in Cph) are both more or less confirmed for DMGP.

– Also, according to Her & Nu, Brinck (ESC 2009) and Simone (DMGP 2007-as an interval act, 2010) are in DMGP.

– Gaute Ormesen is according to VG confirmed for MGP and the whole revelation process is getting a sharp criticism from VG as they claim it minimizes the publicity and the buzz around MGP.

– Melodifestivalen is getting closer and we see a whole bunch of contestants instagramming their every move they make during the dance rehearsals – a documentary out of this, SVT, tack!

– Daze are rumoured to be in DMGP as well, performing a song by Team Euphoria, aka. Thomas G:son and Peter Boström.

– Thomas G:son is composing Georgia’s song for their duet – getting MAJOR “In A Moment Like This” vibes – could be just me though…:P

– according to Oikotimes a composer of one of MGP entries will “strike like a nuclear bomb in the Eurovision-world”. Hmmm – who could that be, then?

– Moreover, the whole “keeping it secret” thing with MGP has turned out to be an epic fail, as we’re getting both the artists and the snippets of the songs revealed. NRK – reveal everything before Xmas for 2014, k? Takk.

One Response to “Freshly squeezed from the Nordic Euroland”

  1. Damian January 15, 2013 at 3:26 pm #

    Getting Emil is quite good idea though he’s not gonna go as far as his brother.
    G:son, Boström and Kempe at DMGP is just too good to be true!

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